GAMSAT Study Schedule

GAMSAT Study Schedule

The GAMSAT can be challenging and figuring out when and how to start studying can be overwhelming. There are a variety of factors and strategies that you should consider in your preparation and in alignment with the time that you have left.

The key is to have a plan.

A well detailed GAMSAT Study Plan will help to simplify, structure and direct your exam preparation so that you are less anxious and ready during exam day. We’ve come up with some tips to help you best plan out your study schedule!

Gamsat Study Schedule

Our GAMSAT Study Schedule sets out what you should be doing 6 months up to the day of the exam. It is recommended that you have at least 3 months to study before the exam and more than this if you know that you weakness is either English reading comprehension or writing.

Download the study schedule and detailed planner below to use as a skeleton for preparation of your own GAMSAT timeline. Print it out and use it to check off main topics required for the GAMSAT.

Using the GAMSAT Study Planner

The GamsatscienceScience Study Schedule provides the following tools:

  1. A simple outline of the approach you should have during 6 months, 3 months a month before the GAMSAT exam
  2. A checklist of GAMSAT topics and exams that you should cover
  3. Exam papers that you MUST complete before the exam.

How to create your own GAMSAT Study Schedule

A. Good understanding of all GAMSAT sections

The GAMSAT exam tests critical analysis skills in humanities and the sciences. Focus on the GAMSAT exam as a reasoning and problem solving test rather than a knowledge test. Our comprehensive guide for each sections will help you prepare:

  1. GAMSAT Section 1: How to Prepare
  2. GAMSAT Section 2: How to Prepare
  3. GAMSAT Section 3: How to Prepare

An understanding of all the components of the GAMSAT will allow you to start practising questions under timed conditions. Start with ACER, review this thoroughly and complement this with Des O’Neill questions.

B. Understand your Strengths and Weaknesses

Everyone is different and it is important to find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie so you can plan out an effective GAMSAT Study Schedule.

If you know you are particularly strong in humanities and essay writing, it may be prudent to focus more on reasoning in a science-themed format.

If you have a strong background in the sciences and love all things problem-solving and reading graphs but feel that your writing skills may not be the best, it will be important to focus on learning how to do this. Our tutoring workshops focus on developing GAMSAT Section 1 humanities and GAMSAT Section 2 writing skills so that you are best prepared for the exam. We teach exam techniques, strategies and time management skills so that you will be ready to excel in the GAMSAT exam.

When should I start studying for the GAMSAT?

The GAMSAT testing window occurs twice a year, in March and September.

For a student it would be ideal to start studying in December across the holidays for a March sitting and June for a September exam sitting. When university starts, it can be quite difficult studying for the GAMSAT as it is almost like another subject, so starting early and giving yourself enough time to prepare is important!

For full-time workers, try to fit in study at the beginning or end of your day. You want to be study at least 2 hours per day (doesn’t have to be in 1 block) which could be spread out across the day. This could mean reading a newspaper article for 15 mins, doing 1 set of question in the morning and another in the night. Take regular breaks to prevent burnout. With 3 months to go until the GAMSAT exam, try to have at least Saturday or Sunday free and start your day at 9am, finish at 5pm with lunch breaks and morning tea.

Life will always be busy and everyone is different, so try to fit things in as much as you can! Allow for regular breaks to prevent burnout.

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