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Doctor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne

Incoming 4th year Doctor of Medicine Student: James Preparing for the GAMSAT is tough. You spent months working on your problem-solving skills for the humanities and the sciences in GAMSAT Section 1 and GAMSAT Section 3 along with writing copious amounts of essays…

GAMSAT Study Schedule

Our free GAMSAT Study Schedule can help you figure out where to start, and how to manage your time so that you’re prepared when exam day comes.

What is GAMSAT Section 3?

GAMSAT Section 3 “Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences” tests your ability to problem-solve in science themed questions. Learn how to prepare for GAMSAT Section 3 from a high-scoring tutor. 🧠

GAMSAT Section 1 Sample Cartoon Questions

Before you start completing questions, it might be a good idea to have a look at this blog! Questions 1 – 3 1. ‘How dare you…’ is an example of 2. The text used in the cartoon supports the view that 3. This…

GAMSAT Section 3 Practice Questions

Graphs Unit 1 Horizontal gene transfer has played a key role in prokaryotic evolution. It is hypothesised that it may also play a key role in the cellular processes of eukaryotes. An experiment was designed to predict the extent of the genes of…

GAMSAT Section 1 Practice Questions

This will be updated throughout the year! 🙂 Cartoons Poetry Please click ‘Submit’ to see your scores and a detailed analysis of why your answer might be incorrect or correct. Leave me a comment or email me at gamsatenglishtutor@gmail.com if you still do…

GAMSAT Section 2 Free Resources

In your preparation for the GAMSAT Section 2 exam, a sound knowledge of historical as well as contemporary ideas is key to helping you respond to a wide variety of themes. The best essays will present unique examples to support their arguments whilst…

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