MMI Mock Interview Tutoring

The only thing between you and a career in medicine is the final university interview.

We know that a cookie-cutter approach to medical interviews don’t work. Our 1-1 private tutoring and mock session is curated to mimic the medical interviews that you prepare for, whether that be at the University of Melbourne, Deakin University or the University of Notre Dame.

We don’t give generic advice. We give you exclusive insider info from current medical students and personalised support to help you give you the best shot!

It may be your first formal interview and like GAMSAT exams, you can prepare for them. Your medical or dental school interview can be life-changing.

We focus on:

1. Core Knowledge – Medical ethics, Health Issues (rural, regional, Aboriginal Australians), motivation for medicine

2. Interview Etiquette – Tone and expression, Do’s and Don’ts, structuring your answers

3. Mock Interviews – live practice with expert tutors, practice with multiple stations and mock questions

Lessons Available

1-1 Private Tutoring

  • Personalised assessment on your performance in mock interview sessions
  • A comprehensive exploration of the question themes relevant to your interviewing university
  • A proven formula to tackling any question under time pressure
  • A wide and varied range of stations and questions to practice
  • Detailed feedback on how to handle the pressure of interviews and respond to interview questions

Mock Interview 8 stations

  • A comprehensive exploration of University of Melbourne MMI stations
  • Simulated stations designed to replicate the exact environment of the interview
  • A proven formula to tackling any question under time pressure
  • Tailored assessment for improving a student’s manner and ability to communicate well and succinctly
  • Detailed explanation of how to handle the unique pressure of these interviews and how to control nerves


Knowledgeable, experienced with a wealth of tips and resources

George has been instrumental in helping me in my medical interviews. He is committed and often goes above and beyond with his support and efforts. Every lesson was tailored to my needs and the areas i needed to improve on for interviews. He is knowledgeable, experienced and has a wealth of tips, tricks and resources to help his students achieve success. The post-lesson documents contained detailed feedback, suggestions and comments that were extremely useful in the preparation process. I cannot endorse George’s skills and amazing personality enough! If you are thinking about preparing for medicine, I would strongly urge you to contact him.

– Doctor of Medicine (MD) at University of Melbourne


Super tutor – very valuable sessions!

Thanks so much for being such an amazing tutor! Would not have been lucky enough to get a spot into medicine without all your guidance and advice!! You were always so generous with your time, open for discussion and provided detailed feedback during and after each session!! I think all these things and more make you such a super tutor!! As you know I did a course with another company alongside your sessions and I found your tutoring sessions WAY more valuable!! I would highly recommend yourself to anyone applying to Medicine!! Thank you George 😊😊🤩

– Doctor of Medicine (MD) at Monash University


Practice stations were accurate of real interviews

George helped me immensely in securing a csp at Unimelb – he’d often give very unique insights which helped develop my perspectives during practice stations, which themselves were quite accurate of the real interviews. He’d also always have a super calm and composed approach, which helped me too in approaching practice and interviews in a calm manner rather than being super frantic and nervous. Would definitely recommend George for his resources and approach to interview practice!!

– Doctor of Medicine (MD) at University of Melbourne


Incredibly detailed and specific to my needs, valuable

I worked with George just over 2 months and I am truly so grateful to have had his support and guidance through that stressful period of time! He helped me gain a greater perspective on how I could respond to interview questions specific to the medical school I was aiming for. Additionally, he also provided individual feedback on mock interviews that I did which I found incredibly valuable. This feedback was incredibly detailed and specific my own experiences and needs.  I was lucky enough to get in to my top choice and I can honestly say I would not be studying at Deakin University without his help throughout the interview process. Thank you so much 🙂.

– Doctor of Medicine at Deakin University



Specialist MMI Medical Interviews Tutor

George is a final year medical student at the University of Melbourne. He has been tutoring GAMSAT (specialising in section 2) and MMI for the past 3 years, and before that has several years of middle school and high school tutoring. His hobbies involve playing the violin, learning obscure facts about whiskey, and sports climbing.

Get into medicine.