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Step 1: GAMSAT Tutoring

Your first obstacle: three sections requring a variety of skills, each designed to assess your capacity as a high-performing student. Our 1-on-1 tutoring is the ultimate preparation for the exam, pairing you with current medical students who excelled in their individual sections.

Step 2: Portfolio (UoW and UND)

Your Portfolio is an opportunity to show you’re an outstanding candidate. Our guide explains everything you need to know to put your best foot foward, and use your unique experiences and qualities to your advantage.

Step 3: MMI Interview Workshops

You’re on the home stretch. Our workshops are designed and run by current medical students to ensure you’re prepared for everything they will throw at you.

By med students, for future med students.

GAMSAT Resources

Our tutors are current medical students eager to ensure you have the best chance at entering medicine.

We’re creating the resources we wish we had. Our blog is constantly updated with great free resources.

Our full-length practice exams are hand-made to truly replicate the GAMSAT.

What our Students Say

“By far the best”

I have had various S2 tutors over the years and Alison was by far the best one. I went from a 56 to a 72 following her tutoring and guidance.


“Would 10/10 recommend”

James is an excellent tutor who helped me prepare for section 3 of the GAMSAT. He gave me fantastic guidance and is very knowledgeable.


“She really helped me”

Alison has been a fantastic teacher and of great support during my GAMSAT preparationhas allowed me to achieve a score which I never would have envisioned!



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