How can Tutoring Improve my GAMSAT score?

GAMSAT tutoring steps

We strive to provide GAMSAT preparation that is high-yield, time-efficient, and targeted to your individual strengths and weaknesses. We structure our lessons around the most critical skills and concepts for each section of the GAMSAT, distilled from the most effective of our own preparation and collective experiences.

GAMSAT Section 1

What is GAMSAT Section 1: GAMSAT S1 is an exercise of reasoning in the humanities. It requires you to critically analyse ideas in prose, poems, cartoons and visual diagrams.

How to succeed: The key to success is learning literary and exam techniques needed to analyse these texts.

How we can help: We’ve designed a structured lesson plan to ensure you master the critical analytical skills for different text types:

  • Cartoons
  • Poetry
  • Fiction extract – classical novel/dialogues
  • Non fiction extracts – medical/legal/philosophical texts
  • Visual diagrams and interpretation

Our lessons will teach you how to analyse texts using literary techniques (e.g. tone, rhythm, symbolism, metaphor) so you finally know how to navigate difficult GAMSAT S1 questions.

GAMSAT Section 2

What is GAMSAT Section 2: GAMSAT S2 tests your ability to generate ideas and communicate them persuasively.

How to succeed: The key to preparation learning how to plan an strong essay in a limited amount of time, and writing concisely and logically.

How we can help: Our lessons emphasise quality over quantity, and are structured as follows:

  1. Review structure of Part A and B, going through exemplar essays and getting you to engage with your ‘voice’. We discuss exam technique and essay formulas.
  2. Generating ideas and strong essay structure for difficult past GAMSAT topics.
  3. Providing feedback on your essays.

We work with students of all abilities, from ESL to more advanced writers.

GAMSAT Section 3

What is GAMSAT Section 3: GAMSAT section 3 questions are a science-themed problem solving exercise. Emphasis on rote-learning physics, chemistry and biology is far outdated.

How to succeed: Your success is based on your ability to interpret new information, using logic and reasoning to find the appropriate response. Questions often involve graphs, formulae and information you have never seen before. As long as you have the underlying skills in interpreting graphs, recognising patterns, mathematical ability, and verbal reasoning, you will succeed in section 3.

How we can help: Through our shared experiences scoring in the 100th percentile of section 3, we have identified the four key skills necessary to excel in:

  1. Interpreting visual information – graphs, flow charts, tables.
  2. Recognising patterns effectively
  3. Manipulating numbers and equations
  4. Complex verbal reasoning

Regardless of your prior knowledge in the sciences, we will ensure you have everything you need to ace section 3. Speak to us to find out exactly how we scored in the 100th percentile.

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