How to Study for GAMSAT 2023

This is a starter guide for those that are studying GAMSAT for the first time. These are the tips recommended by our specialist tutors.

Whilst more detail for each GAMSAT section can be found in other blog pages, this succinctly lists 6 tips you can follow now!

1. Familiarise yourself with GAMSAT Section 1, 2 and 3

One of the biggest misconceptions in the GAMSAT that you need to study theory in order to do well. We’ve collated a list of things that our specialist tutors have found helpful:

a. GAMSAT Section 1 – learn to analyse different types of texts. Reading different styles of texts will not help unless you understand how language is used to convey information. Learn the different techniques that are used in each text. E.g. tone, symbolism, irony

b. GAMSAT Section 2 – learn the fundamentals of writing an essay, providing evidence for your arguments and conveying your ideas in a persuasive and engaging way. Create idea banks and practice structuring your responses. For more advanced writers, use different writing styles to stylise your ideas and engage the reader.

c. Gamsat Section 3 – all about problem solving. Whilst some background knowledge in biology would help, this section is largely a science-themed problem solving exercise. This means that there is often pattern recognition in organic chemistry or high school mathematics in physics.

SectionNo. of QuestionsReading timeWriting timeTotal time test
Section 1: Reasoning in Humanities62 MCQs8 minutes92 minutes100 minutes
Section 2: Written Communication2 Essays5 minutes60 minutes65 minutes
Section 3: Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences75 MCQs8 minutes142 minutes150 minutes

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2. Make a study schedule

It is recommended that students allow for 3 months preparation before the GAMSAT exam. If you start a bit later (1-2 months before), it might be tough but it can be done.

First, start by writing down items that cannot avoid (e.g. university, work) and then the hours that you have left. Second, consider your weaknesses (e.g. essay writing, or GAMSAT Section 3 problem solving?) and then set aside a set number of hours each week.

2 hours a day is doable (hours spent reading the news/revising maths) and can be done on the train and at work. During the weekend, try to spend at least 4-8 studying and leave at least 1 day free to relax!

3. Practice ACER GAMSAT questions under exam conditions

As you approach the exam, begin practicing under GAMSAT conditions. Our advice is to do it as early as you can, as there is no point of having no time to revise your mistakes 1 week before the GAMSAT!

Put away the calculator, dictionary and Google! Try timing yourself and simulate a GAMSAT sitting so you know how you will perform.

4. Reflect on your progress

Reflect on your weaker areas and seek to improve them. What are topics that you find difficult? E.g. analysis of poetry or fictional texts in GAMSAT Section 1 or pattern recognition in GAMSAT Section 3

Spend extra time on the areas you have found to be most difficult. Look at our blog and the guides that we have to help you. We wish we had them when we were studying and have written them in the hopes it can help you!

5. Get feedback and help

Donโ€™t be afraid to ask for feedback and help. Work together with friends and family to read through your essays or analyse GAMSAT Section 1 questions together. It helps to have a different approach and way of looking at things.

If you want someone more experienced, contact us and we can help redirect your focus!

6. Stay calm on exam day

Exam day can be nerve-wracking but the most important thing is to stay calm! We have learnt that the more relaxed you are, the better you will perform in all sections.

Don’t make yourself anxious – you have prepared well and can do it!

It’s not rocket science to excel in the GAMSAT. Contact us to find out the techniques we used to ace the GAMSAT and maximise your own potential!

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