GAMSAT Section 1 Sample Cartoon Questions

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Questions 1 – 3

Greta’s Stand (Cathy Wilcox, 2019). Sourced from

1. ‘How dare you…’ is an example of

  • An imperative
  • An interrogative
  • An exclamatory
  • A declarative

2. The text used in the cartoon supports the view that

  • The world of politics is dependent on misdirection
  • Critical thinking is severely lacking in politics
  • Politicians are well-versed in dishonesty
  • A key political tactic is that of mistruths

3. This cartoon is an example of

  • Satire
  • Critique
  • Realism
  • Propaganda

Worked Answers

1. C

The question mark and exclamation mark, along with the female speaker’s angry facial expression makes it an exclamatory. It is important to know the definition of the other words: imperative means to be of vital importance, and interrogative means to be questioning.

2. C

The main in the audience states that ‘we’ve been honing our lies for decades’ and his laughing facial expression takes on a satirical tone that suggest politicians are well-versed in dishonesty.

3. A – as above

Questions 4-6

The cartoon below is sourced from the New Yorker.

4. The crude quality of the cartoon reflects

  • The inauthenticity of the subject
  • The commercialised aspects of media
  • The lack of emotional depth caused by media exposure
  • The control media perception has on society

5. The cartoon embodies an attitude of

  • Dismissive
  • Reluctance
  • Disingenuity
  • Reflection

6. Which aspect of the cartoon best supports a negative interpretation of the two figures?

  • The camera
  • Two two figures themselves
  • The text on the signs
  • The setting of the cartoon

Worked Answers

4. C

C is the answer for two reasons. One, the presence of a camera as an allusion to media and its societal impact. Two, it could also be argued that the characters in the cartoon are not in control of their emotions as they are facing in direction of the area where their emotions are dictated by signs.

5. C

C is the answer since the characters in the cartoon are clearly only authentic to the camera and the signs. They are disingenuous, neither candid nor sincere in their interactions. In fact, they don’t even interact.

6. B

B is the answer as the characters are the clearest visual example of the cartoon’s negative messages. They reflect the orders on the text and react in accordance with the presence of the camera.

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