Can I complete some, but not all sections of the portfolio?

Yes but this is unadvisable. Everyone will be giving it their best shot and filling up all the sections available. This is the only time in which you can put your best foot forward so think hard about all the experiences you’ve had! You’d be surprised about the number of things you missed. Have a chat to your friend as even that hiking trip you took in university counts.

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GAMSAT Section 3

What is GAMSAT Section 3?

GAMSAT Section 3 “Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences” tests your ability to problem-solve in science themed questions. Learn how to prepare for GAMSAT Section 3 from a high-scoring tutor. 🧠


GAMSAT Section 1 Sample Cartoon Questions

Before you start completing questions, it might be a good idea to have a look at this blog! Questions 1 – 3 1. ‘How dare you…’ is an example of 2. The text used in the cartoon supports the view that 3. This cartoon is an example of Worked Answers 1. C The question mark […]